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Welcome to the Dragon's Legion, we are a Legion based on the goal of reaching higher end PvE and the long awaited PvPvE. while we are still new like the game of aion is, we are fighting to become well known by everyone, so enjoy your time with us, and help us become what we dream

as of today, if you get someone to join the legion and send a tell to me to get them invited, they will be marked as your invit and you will get 10,000 from the legion for adding to the rank, there is no cap on this so go out there and find some more people!!!!
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The Aion site has returned no characters. It is very likely that it is momentarily down for an update or maintenance. Please try again later. If this continues for more than an hour, please contact support.
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help us pay for ventrilo as well as the website to keep making this legion better, anything helps
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